IKEA Near Me | Nearest Store Locations & Hours 2022 (2023)

This IKEA Near Me page provides you with a perfect chance to find IKEA locations around me in a quick and easy manner. IKEA is an international retailer, which sells ready-to-assemble furniture and home décor. Currently, there are 445 IKEA locations in over 30 countries, with 52 stores in the United States. In the U.S., the stores are typically open from 10:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. every day.


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  • 2 IKEA Near Me By Zip Code
  • 3 Store Hours
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IKEA Locations Near Me: Map

If you live in a country or a state with IKEA stores, it is quite easy to find the closest stores of this company around you. In order to find IKEA near me, please browse this map and select the most convenient location for you:

As a multinational company, IKEA has more than 440 stores around the world and is currently headquartered in the Netherlands. In the United States, however, IKEA has 52 stores in 27 American states (and 52 cities). Here, you can see the American states with the biggest numbers of IKEA stores:

  • California: 8 stores
  • Florida: 5 stores
  • Texas: 5 stores.

IKEA Near Me By Zip Code

Indeed, it may well happen that using that map for locating the nearest IKEA stores might not be as simple nor quick for you. In that case, you can choose to find IKEA locations near me by zip code.

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So, if you want to use this other method of locating the closest stores, you should access the official store locator from IKEA by clicking on this button:


Store Hours

Given that the number of IKEA stores is not as huge in the United States, it is normal to expect that their opening hours will be the same. Nonetheless, there might happen small differences, such as certain IKEA shops close by 7:00 P.M. on Sunday.

Here, you can see the typical opening hours of the IKEA stores in the United States:

  • Monday: 10:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
  • Tuesday: 10:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
  • Wednesday: 10:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
  • Thursday: 10:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
  • Friday: 10:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
  • Saturday: 10:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
  • Sunday: 10:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.

How to Find IKEA Near Me: Instructions

If you couldn’t find the closest IKEA stores on this page in a quick and easy manner, you might need to make use of this short, yet concise guide. Here, you can find out how to use this page in a quick and easy manner and how to take advantage of some other features that might be useful for you.

See closest IKEA locations on the map. For this, you should just have a look at the map we have published above so far. On that map, you will get to see numerous red icons – these icons stand for the nearest IKEA locations near me. Now, you can browse that map and select a store that is located the most conveniently for you.

Alter your location. If you have noticed that the map displays an area that is far from your neighborhood, then you can quickly change it. For that purpose, you need to click on the “View Larger Map” text button, which you can notice in the map’s left-upper corner. Then, you need just to browse the map and find your neighborhood on the next page. At the end, just click on the “Search this area” button.

Find out extra details about a select store. In order to do this, you should simply click on the icon of a store (the one that interests you) on the map above. That action will trigger a small box in the left-upper corner of that map, and it must contain the store’s name, address, and rating.

Check the hours of a select store on the map. At first, you need to select the store that interests you. Next, you have to click on “View Larger Map” in a box, placed in the left-upper corner of the map. Following it, you will get to see the hours of that store on the next page.


Save a store location with your Google account. For this purpose, you should firstly click on the icon of that store on the map. Next, you should give a click to the “View Larger Map” text button, which you can see in the map’s left-upper corner. Eventually, you have to click on the “Save” button under that location on the next page.

Create a route to the nearest IKEA store. First of all, you need to select this particular store on the map. After doing so, you need to click on the “Directions” button in a box, which has just appeared in the left-upper corner of the map. On the next page, you need to enter the address or location of the starting point of your trip in the given field. At the end, you need just to finish the process and see how the Google Maps constructs a route for you.

Read customer reviews before heading shopping. In order to check the reviews, you firstly need to click on the icon of that store on the map. After doing so, you need to click on the “No. reviews” text button – you can see it in the map’s left-upper corner. Following it, you will get to read customer reviews about that specific store on the next page.

Find IKEA locations near me by zip code. For this, you need to click on the button we have placed on this page, just above. After accessing the official store locator from IKEA, you should either select your city (and state) or browse the map. That’s an easy way to find IKEA near me.

IKEA Review

So, IKEA is an international retailer of furniture and home décor merchandise, best known for its cheap prices and the necessity of assembling the furniture on your own. In the majority of cases, IKEA stores get favorable reviews from the customers.

On sitejabber.com, IKEA has received a rating of 3.45 out of 5 (from 273 reviews), which is quite higher than the rating of, for example, Big Lots. Besides, IKEA has been a 2018 Customer Choice Winner on that website. But, nevertheless, there are enough complaints about the poor customer service, too.

On Google Maps, IKEA locations have significantly varying ratings, ranging from 3.7 to 4.6. Generally, however, the ratings of IKEA stores average around 4.3. Among the absolute plus sides, one can mention the low prices, cleanliness of the stores, convenience, and a great array of products on offer.

Indeed, there have been a number of incidents that involved the IKEA furniture, and some websites recommend not to buy certain products at IKEA. On the other hand, Wirecutter lists the best products to buy in IKEA.

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Overall, IKEA is a decent chain of furniture stores, where you can get home décor and furniture at a low cost. It’s simple, stylish, inexpensive, and you can assemble it yourself. Of course, there are certain precautions you should take and follow the instructions.

About Company

So, the company’s roots can be traced back to 1943, when Ingvar Kamprad established IKEA as a mail-order sales enterprise. Just five years later, however, he started to sell furniture. In 1958, he opened the first store in Älmhult, Småland under the “Möbel-IKÉA” brand.

As a matter of fact, the concept quickly proved to be successful and the company opened the first store overseas already in 1963, in Norway. Throughout the 1970s, IKEA had seen a period of rapid expansion throughout the Europe. In the same period, the company opened its first stores in Asian countries, such as Japan (1974), Hong Kong (1975), Australia (1975), and Singapore (1978).

In 1985, the company entered the American market and opened the first stores in the United States. At the present time, there are 445 IKEA locations worldwide, with 52 stores in the United States. Currently, the company operates in more than 30 countries.

In fact, our website is a place where you can find the nearest locations of other retailers around you as well. For example, you can find Big Lots near me, which is another furniture retailer.


How many stores does IKEA have 2022? ›

456 IKEA stores in 62 markets

The first IKEA store opened in 1958 in Älmhult, Sweden.

What day is best to go to IKEA? ›

Return items first thing in the morning.

Avoid shopping on weekends, if possible. The best times to visit IKEA are weekdays at opening time or an hour before closing.

Can you get into IKEA early? ›

Arrive at IKEA as early as possible

Beat the crowds and get there as early as possible. Do some research and park by the exit, so you don't have far to lug all your goodies to. IKEA have special 'showroom browsing hours' which allow you to view everything you want, as long as you're not at the checkout paying.

How many stores does IKEA have now? ›

In the financial year of 2021, the global revenue generated by the IKEA Group amounted to roughly 42 billion euros.
Number of traditional IKEA stores worldwide in 2020 and 2021.
CharacteristicNumber of stores
1 more row
27 Jul 2022

Which is the biggest IKEA store in the world? ›

1. Pasay, Manila, Philippines. Recently opened in 2021, the only IKEA store in the Philippines now takes the crown as the biggest one in the world. It's located in the country's capital city and covers more than 700,000 square feet with all of its grand facilities.

What does IKEA stand for? ›

" Did you know? IKEA is named after the initials of founder Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd, the farm on which he grew up, and Agunnaryd, the nearby village.

How long does it take to walk through IKEA? ›

Here are a few tips to make it easier and take note: While store manager Trisha Bevering says the average consumer spends 2½ to 3 hours in an Ikea trip, you'll spend more time there if you haven't been to an Ikea before or even as you come to know the store. Pretend you're packing for a trip: Go light.

How do I prepare for IKEA? ›

This list will help you get the most out of your Ikea trip and you won't go home with items that may have to be returned.
  1. Don't Go to Ikea in July or August. ...
  2. One Room at a Time. ...
  3. Bring a Tape Measure. ...
  4. Know Before You Go. ...
  5. Verify the Article Number for Each Item. ...
  6. Items with Lots of Parts.

What should I wear to IKEA? ›

For your first trip to IKEA, I would highly recommend you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. This is a marathon shopping experience, and being comfortable will make it that much more enjoyable for you!

What is the least busy day at IKEA? ›

Another strategy is going mid-week, especially in the evening hours, when you can enjoy a meal (Swedish meatballs and a soft-serve ice cream cone!) and stroll without all crazy crowds you'll encounter on the weekend. Employees note that Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are ideal.

Can I pay cash at IKEA? ›

Paying at an IKEA store

We accept all major credit cards, mobile payments like Apple Pay or Google Pay. We also accept cash for instant payments in our stores, excluding IKEA Hammersmith. But we know that sometimes, you need help bringing your dreams to life.

What's the quietest time to go to IKEA? ›

But your best bet for low-stress, socially distanced shopping remains weekdays, particularly before 11am and after 7pm.

How many stores does IKEA have in the US? ›

How many IKEA stores are there in the United States? There are 54 IKEA stores in the United States as of October 19, 2022. The state with the most number of IKEA locations in the US is California, with 10 stores, which is about 19% of all IKEA stores in the US.

How many employees does IKEA have 2022? ›

All so our customers can touch and try IKEA products before they buy – and perhaps enjoy a great meal at the same time. Big thanks to all the 225,000 IKEA co-workers, our franchisees and suppliers for making this year successful. We can be proud of what we've accomplished together in tough times.

Which is biggest IKEA in UK? ›

The largest UK Ikea store is in Wembley, just on the edge of London, where the company operates a 40,0000 sq ft unit.

How large is IKEA's global market? ›

In 2020, IKEA ranked as the seventh most valuable retailer brand on a global scale, valued at nearly $19 billion.
IKEA Statistics and Facts on the Industry and Market.
YearNumber of Stores
7 more rows
18 Feb 2022


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