Choices Of Skirting For A Modular Home (2023)

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Modular homes do not need any skirting since being permanent constructions attached on permanent foundations have no need for it. Installing a Skirting is a must for non-permanent structures because it helps protect the base of the house while providing the image of a typical home rather than a trailer; we will then install skirting to any manufactured or mobile home.

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There certainly is, a naming confusion between manufactured, mobile and modular homes that makes it common to overlook the need for skirting in modular houses.

The skirting for a manufactured or mobile home can be built in a variety of different materials and styles:

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  • Vinyl skirting
  • Concrete or stucco skirting
  • Brick and cinder block skirting
  • Lattice skirting
  • Faux panels skirting

While one of the main factors to choose one skirting or another is prompted essentially by aesthetic considerations it is important to contemplate other aspects such as the climate conditions or the installation requirements.

Why do manufactured and mobile homes require skirting?

Both manufactured and mobile homes are similar constructions which names are often interchanged, and while they highly differ in the regulations to which they are built, they share big similarities such as their set up. These type of constructions were designed as portable structures and are therefore built on a fixed steel chassis acting as a stabilizer as well as permitting the attachment of wheels to transport the house to its desired location.

Once on its location, the wheels will be removed and the house will be placed on the chosen foundation (slab, runner, pier or even permanent foundations) [1]. In most cases these foundations elevate the house some inches off the ground, leaving a crawl space underneath the house. This is a common practice that helps provide a better levelling [2] as well as the perfect space to install the pipes and plumbing fixtures of the house [3].

The skirting is designed as a cover of the crawl space and offers a number of benefits:

  • Offers a more attractive appearance to the house, hiding the structural and technical elements as well as offering an appearance with a higher resemblance to a site built home.
  • Helps insulate the house as well as protect the pipes from freezing.
  • Prevents animals from damaging both the structure and the technical elements.
  • Provides a safer space for children.

Skirting material options to choose from

Vinyl skirting

Vinyl is a skirting material that offers an extensive variety of styles and colors at a budged friendly price, making it one of the most popular options among manufactured home owners. Moreover, it is very easy to install and possible to install it by yourself which helps reduce the cost even more.

On the other hand, vinyl doesn’t offer the greatest quality and can be easily damaged. Sunlight tends to discolor it making it look old as well as disrupting the color matching with the rest of the house that might have been important at the moment of choosing that particular skirting, moreover, the heat of direct sun tends to cause buckling or warping [4].

Its structure isn’t very strong as well and it is common to encounter a broken vinyl skirting due to strong winds, storms or other possible incidents such as accidental impacts. Choosing a vinyl of a higher quality and thickness could prevent most of these negative outcomes and regular maintenance, cleaning and painting might help keep the desired appearance of it.

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Faux rock and brick skirting

These panels are made of a light weighted polyurethane material simulating rock, stone or brick. Some brands design panels that look more realistic than others, though they all seem a good solution to obtain a stone or brick look at an economic price since real rocks are expensive and require a specialized installer.

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This option is a bit more expensive than vinyl though these panels are thicker and offer a sturdier longer lasting result. Moreover, these panels are usually well insulated and offer quite a good protection against low temperatures, avoiding the cold air in cooling down the home as well as protecting the pipes from freezing.

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Hard board or concrete board skirting

These boards are of higher quality than vinyl or faux rock, they are made of a light weigh concrete material and offer a stronger longer lasting skirting. While this option is definitely more expensive it is worth the investment sine once installed the maintenance costs will be minimal.

The hard board skirting option is also a popular one, not only due to its quality standards but thanks to its finished look as well, which is the look of a stucco wall that can be painted in any color, an aesthetic that elevates the overall look of the house offering a more permanent look.

In general, these panels offer a good insulation as well as ventilation since most brands offer a hidden ventilation system [5] that doesn’t disturb the continuous look of the skirting but still ensures the crawl space is properly aired avoiding excessive humidity and mold.

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Other less popular skirting materials

While the skirting for a mobile home can be built with a multitude of different materials that can represent an optimal solution for some cases, the most commonly used and better ranked solutions are those detailed above.

Brick, stone or concrete block skirting are some of the most permanent solutions offering a really pleasant aesthetic look as well as a higher quality skirting. However, these are less popular solutions since they suppose a higher cost and its installation is much more difficult.

Other skirting materials are metal, foam or wood; though perfectly valid solutions not as popular. Wood-based skirting options for example, offer an attractive look but lack popularity; being a natural material it will rot easily and require far more maintenance.

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Lattice skirting is a very good option as well, especially in areas where ventilation is important and insulation can be avoided because temperatures will never be too low to freeze the pipes. Lattice skirting is usually sold as panels that are easy to install and can be made of a variety of materials and designs.

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What skirting will work best for your manufactured or mobile home

Choosing the right skirting might be challenging since the variety of materials, designs and prices offered is very extensive. However, there are some aspects to consider that can greatly help making the choice:

  • Living in a strong wind prone area requires a skirting that is strong and doesn’t bend easily. Hard board could be a good option, though looking for a skirting specially designed for strong winds is always the best choice, Strong Skirt U.S.A for example, designs metallic skirts design to withstand winds up to 100 mph [6].
  • Humid areas are even more prone to moisture build up which eases the appearance of mold and should therefore consider -without exception- a proper ventilation system for the crawl space. Installing ventilation grids is always a possibility but they will be visible and might disrupt the overall aesthetic of the house. Options like lattice skirting could work very well in warmer climates but in colder ones it might be smart to opt for a hard board with integrated ventilation system.
  • If you don’t plan to stay long in this house and are just looking for a short term solution that offers a nice aesthetic, without major investments you might benefit from a vinyl skirting since it offers affordable solutions in an extensive variety of styles and colors.
  • Reducing long term expenses is possible but requires a higher initial payment. Avoiding cheap and flimsy options is key, opt for stronger materials and even consider professional installation for a sturdier result. Also avoiding natural materials such as wood will cut maintenance costs.


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What is the best material to use for mobile home skirting? ›

Skirting your mobile home with either wood or vinyl lattice typically means that you won't have to worry about ventilation; the lattice pattern naturally allows air to flow freely underneath your home. Wood lattice is typically inexpensive and easy to install but is susceptible to rot and mildew.

What is the best skirting to use? ›

Concrete, Brick, and Cinder Block

Being practically indestructible is the best advantage. Concrete panels are easier to install but have similar indestructibility and longevity as brick and cinder block. There are companies that specialize in concrete skirting but you can purchase precast concrete panels, too.

What is the cheapest way to put skirting on a mobile home? ›

Vinyl is a cheap mobile home skirting that will do a decent job, though it doesn't look the best. Moreover, vinyl skirting, also know as trailer skirting is very inexpensive. Therefore, it's fast and easy to replace which is great because you'll need to replace it or fix it a number of times.

What are the different types of skirting boards? ›

Skirting Board Styles
  • Burford Skirting Boards.
  • Chamfered Skirting Boards.
  • Double Groove Skirting Boards.
  • Lambs Tongue Skirting Boards.
  • Ogee Skirting Boards.
  • Ovolo Skirting Boards.
  • Pencil Round Skirting Boards.
  • Square Skirting Boards.

What is the most popular skirting board style? ›

Chamfer skirting board is very commonly used and for good reason- the way it tapers towards the top edge creates very clean lines, a feature of modern interiors. Edge skirting board is similar to a chamfer, and particularly suited to smaller heights.

How much is skirting for a manufactured home? ›

For homes estimated in the single-wide dimensions, skirting cost runs approximately $680 to $1,000. For double-wide measurements, expect an uptick to $800 to $1,400. Concrete and Brick Materials: Concrete materials such as cinder block can run as high as $3 per unit.

What is the easiest skirting to fit? ›

The easiest skirting boards to fit and fix are pine. The hardest are probably MDF. MDF is great in that it doesn't bow, twist or split and can come primed already.

What is the best material for skirting boards? ›

Natural is always the best option, and if you are looking for REAL timber, FJ Pine is the most sustainable and economical option. If you're looking for a traditional feel with stained or raw timber skirting, then hardwood is the top choice.

Is PVC skirting better than wood? ›

We recommend you avoid using wooden skirting if you want to minimise maintenance tasks around the home. You will find PVC skirting easier to keep clean. Cracked, chipped and marked traditional skirting can really let the look of a room down. If you want to retain a fresh finish, PVC is the perfect solution.

Can you use Hardie board for mobile home skirting? ›

Yes. However it needs to be installed in accordance with our written installation instructions for HardiePanel siding in regard to framing, joints, paint and clearences above ground. James Hardie provides a 1 year limited product warranty for HardiePanel used as skirting on a mobile home.


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