Best Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (2023)

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Montway Us Auto Shipping Uship In this article Here is The List of Best Car Shipping Companies 1. Montway Auto Transport Why We Recommend Montway Auto Transport Pros Cons 2. Us Auto Shipping Why We Recommend US Auto Shipping Pros Cons 3. uShip Auto Transport Why We Recommend uShip Pros Cons 4. Zoom Auto Transport Why We Recommend Zoom Auto Transport Pros Cons 5. Sherpa Auto Transport Why We Recommend Sherpa Auto Transport Pros Cons THE FOLLOWING TABLE DISPLAYS THE BEST CAR SHIPPING COMPANIES: How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car? What is the Cost of Shipping a Car Per Mile? Average Car Shipping Companies Cost by Transport Method Average Car Shipping Cost by Distance Pro Tip Average Car Shipping Cost by Vehicle Size/Type Average Cost to Ship a Vehicle on Open Transport Pro Tip Factors That Determine Car Shipping Costs 1. Distance 2. Open or Enclosed Carrier 3. The Type, Size & Modifications on your Car 4. Condition of Vehicle 5. The Popularity of the Route 6. Season of Year 7. Dates/Speed of Delivery What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car? 1. Door-to-Door 2. Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping Other Tips for Shipping Car Cheaply Why Should You Choose Car Shipping Companies? 1. Cost of Car Shipping: 2. Better Safety 3. Best for luxury car Protection 4. Saves Time Top Qualities of a Good Car Shipping Company 1. Relevant Licenses 2. Years of Experience 3. Available Range of Shipping Services 4. Transparency in Service 5. Be a Partner to Reputable Licensed Motor Carriers Frequently Asked Questions About Car Shipping Conclusion Videos

Choosing the best car shipping companies is always a tough task to perform, even tougher than hiring movers.

To make it easier for you, we researched over thirty top car shipping companies and reviewed the best among them for your upcoming move.

Best Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (1)


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Best Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (2)

Us Auto Shipping

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Best Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (3)


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Best Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (4)

In this article

Here is The List of Best Car Shipping Companies

Our evaluation is based on a number of factors to arrive at the top picks for this post.

To finally arrive at the below list of the top car shipping companies of all times, we considered the above qualities of a good auto transporter including:

  • Quality of service delivery
  • Affordability
  • Licensing and insurance
  • Experience in the business
  • Availability of a range of services
  • Transparency and much more.

1. Montway Auto Transport

Best Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (5)

Montway Auto Transport


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Montway Auto Transport is one of the top auto shipping companies around. It gives several options for everyone, such as college students, classic car owners, and more.

If you want to ship your vehicle with a reputable, cross country company, Montway is your best shot.

Why We Recommend Montway Auto Transport

1. Multiple payment options

Instead of asking you to pay for your vehicle carrier in cash like most other vehicle shipping companies, Montway gives you several options. These include:

Pay in full online: Immediately the company assigned a carrier to your order, it then charges you a one-time payment either by debit or credit card.

This option is great if you don’t feel safe carrying that much amount all around and feel the best is to use your card

Pay some deposit and balance on delivery: This is the popular way used by most auto shipping companies. Even though it involves going around with a huge amount of money, Montway sometimes gives a discount if you make a cash payment.

The process is reasonably straightforward. You will make a partial payment to Montway online immediately a carrier is assigned to your order, while you make the remaining payment to your driver in cash after delivery.

2. Guaranteed pickup schedules

The majority of car transport companies often reject the idea of customers choosing an actual pickup date. Instead, they give customers a pickup time frame and ask them to list the first day their vehicle will be available.

However, Montway is different from other shipping companies, as it is very cool. Montway allows you to have more control over your vehicle than the five-day pickup window given by other companies.

Just call and ask for a guaranteed date for pickup, and your vehicle will be picked up the actual date you ask. Some guaranteed dates for pickup may attract additional fees, but knowing your vehicle’s actual date will be picked up by Montway enables you to continue with your life rather than being forced to wait.

It offers expedited pickup services: You can also get an expedited pickup from Montway. If you need to quickly send your car, the company can pick up the car within 24 – 48 hours of submitting your order.

To understand how Montway performs its guaranteed pickup policy, we asked one of Montway’s customers to share his experience working with the company. He let us understand that the first carrier brokered by Montway failed to arrive on the day scheduled for delivery and didn’t attend to any of his calls.

The delivery process might be affected by this type of delay with some companies, but when the customer informed Montway of the issue, the company choose a second carrier that speeds up the shipping process at free cost and delivered the vehicle right on schedule.


  • Offers guarantee on pickup
  • Availability of price-matching policy
  • Allows many payment options Transports exotic, vintage, and classic cars


  • Wrong and out-dated information in its adverts.

2. Us Auto Shipping

Best Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (6)

Us Auto Shipping


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USAuto Shipping has come a long way in delivering top-notch car shipping services to consumers in the United States.

The company is a full-service vehicle transport company that pays attention to details in the car shipping industry.

Distance is not a barrier; whether you need a vehicle shipped within a state or across the country, their experts and connections make it possible. US Auto Shipping has one of the best vehicle transport rates without compromising its quality.

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Why We Recommend US Auto Shipping

US Auto Shipping has come a long way in delivering top-notch car shipping services to consumers in the United States.

The company is a full-service vehicle transport company that pays attention to details in the car shipping industry.

Distance is not a barrier; whether you need a vehicle shipped within a state or across the country, their experts and connections make it possible. US Auto Shipping has one of the best vehicle transport rates without compromising its quality.

1. Quality service delivery

The company is a licensed, insured, and bonded car shipper that gives the premium quality of auto transport services to 48 states in the country.

If you plan to relocate your vehicle to another location without damaging your pocket, US Auto Transport can be a great choice.

2. Standing atop the shipping market

The company’s team of professionals takes different routes, monitors the different rates, and evaluates the market data for figuring out the best routes for shipping the car.

The companies have an expert crew that offers a great quality of car shipping services at an affordable cost. Here, you can be connected with a lot of reliable carriers across the country.


  • Interstate and international car shipping service
  • 100% customers’ satisfaction
  • Vast company network


  • Personal info needed for online quote option

3. uShip Auto Transport

Best Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (7)

uShip Auto Transport

Get a Quote800-698-7447

If you are looking for a service to ship your car and other valuable items, uShip is a big bang for you. With uShip, you can find all your required options in just one place.

If you are thinking or planning to ship your vehicle soon, uShip is a platform for you to have access to an array of reputable shipping companies that have been verified to deliver quality shipping services.

The platform serves as a marketplace to connect both shippers and shippers for good deals at the most cost-effective package.

Why We Recommend uShip

1. It can ship beyond your car

One of the major things, why uShip is different from other vehicle transport companies, is that it doesn’t ship only cars. uShip also ships a lot of other things.

Since you are here for the best vehicle shipping companies, let’s begin with the types of car uShip can transport:

  • Personal watercraft such as Jet Skis
  • Cars and light trucks
  • Commercial trucks
  • Powerboats
  • Sailboats
  • RVs
  • ATVs and four-wheelers
  • Trailers
  • Motorcycles and mopeds
  • Farm equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Vehicle and boat parts

uShip also links you up with carriers to ship almost any item you need, which can significantly help if you are relocating your vehicle as part of an entire household move.

Below are some of the other belongings uShip can transport for you.

  • Pool tables
  • Furniture
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Appliances
  • Home electronics
  • Dogs, cats, horses, and other animals
  • Pianos
  • Heavy equipment

2. It instantly shows you estimate from many carriers

The majority of auto shipping companies work with varieties of car carriers to find you the best available deal. That is actually perfect but not most of them know how the carriers differ. This is where uShip is most helpful.

uShip is the only vehicle transport company we have on our list that shows you quotes from different carriers, putting you in control of who you choose as the best for your job.

Alongside the price from each carrier, uShip gives you other factors for comparison:

  • Vehicle pickup date
  • Shipping Type (open or enclosed)
  • Customer reviews
  • Company background information

We believe this is nice if you need to conduct more research on a specific carrier before you book your auto shipment.


  • Allows you to compare carriers so you can choose the best price
  • Ships beyond only cars


  • Not so easy like using a broker but you are sure of getting reliable services

4. Zoom Auto Transport

Best Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (8)

Zoom Auto Transport



Zoom Auto Transport takes care of everything involved in the shipping and delivery of your vehicle, so you can focus on other things that matter. It takes the worries away from you while ensuring prompt delivery of your vehicle.

The company offers one of the best auto shipping services in the auto transport industry. If you want to enjoy hassle-free auto delivery, Zoom Auto Transport is your very best. Your car will be shipped with extra care couple with real-time updates on its movements from one point to another.

When it comes to reliable auto delivery, we give it to Zoom Auto Transport.

Why We Recommend Zoom Auto Transport

1. Damage-free guarantee

When you are shipping a car to another part of the country, you certainly don’t want to find out a new ding or scratch upon delivery. Y

es, going for the enclosed shipping can greatly lower the risk of damage to your car, but there could still be accidents. That is where you need the damage-free guarantee from Zoom Auto Transport.

2. Licensed and insured carriers

All of their carriers are licensed and insured, so you can be sure the carrier will take care of any damage to your vehicle during the shipping. Sadly, the case is not always like that.

Zoom intervenes when a carrier refuses to take responsibility for your car’s damage. We believe this is helpful against the stress of transporting your car.

The company provides about $500 to your deductible to cover damage if the carrier refuses liability.

3. Convenience auto shipping and delivery

The company offers users one of the best auto transport services in the auto shipping company. In order to enjoy stress-free auto-delivery, Zoom Auto Transport is worth considering.

Your vehicle will be transported with uttermost care along with real-time updates on its movement from one place to another.

People usually like to go with the services of this vehicle shipping company on a larger scale because it carefully handles every part of your car shipping, including the delivery as well as shipping of your car.

Your vehicle will be delivered in no time when you choose their services. You can obtain real-time updates on the movement of your car from one location to another here.


  • You tend to enjoy Hassle-free car shipping services
  • Competitive and affordable pricing
  • Excellent customer support


  • It is a broker
  • Can’t think of others.

5. Sherpa Auto Transport

Best Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (9)

Sherpa Auto Transport



Sherpa Auto Transport was established to transform the car shipping industry and take it to the next level. It transports different types of cars to any part of the world.

There is no limit to the types of vehicles it can ship, ranging from family-sized SUVs to sedans, to special collectible cars and as well as cars purchased online; the company is just a guru in car shipping. Unlike others, there is no variation in the price quote to what you pay.

Apart from open and enclosed car shipment, Sherpa Auto Transport also offers tailored-made shipping services using real-time data and analysis to give an accurate estimate for all its services with a unique “no-surprise policy” that allows consumers to pay for the service they received.

Why We Recommend Sherpa Auto Transport

1. Clean car guarantee

One certainty is that your car will definitely get dirty during shipping and Sherpa understands that. The company will provide you with a complimentary car wash up to $20 as long as you get it done within one week of your move and tender a receipt.

This perk is worth benefiting from as your vehicle will run through mud, dirt, rain, and highway debris. This complimentary wash is only available with Sherpa and is one of the company’s great customer service perks.

2. Price lock promise

Sherpa is dedicated to its price estimates, which implies that whatever quotes the company gives you is what you will pay. Want to know how this works? Generally, each auto shipping broker contracts from the same market of car carriers.

Sherpa will offer you a price quotation that it believes is reasonable to carriers, who will then bid on your job.

If the company couldn’t find you a carrier to handle your job at the rate contained in the estimate given to you, it will still link you up with a top-quality company no matter your budget, and draw about $300 from its own purse to bridge the gap.

Instead of asking you to pay a costly price than you had budgeted or sending you a low-quality company, Sherpa will mandatorily get you the perfect match, even if they have to pay for a part of your move.

This is absolutely excellent customer service which is worth considering.

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  • Locked-in pricing
  • Great customer service reviews
  • Free car wash


  • Limited service and insurance plans.


No.Trusted Car ShippersLogo
1.Montway Auto TransportBest Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (10)
2.Us Auto ShippingBest Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (11)
3.UshipBest Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (12)
4.Zoom Auto TransportBest Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (13)
5.Sherpa Auto TransportBest Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (14)

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car?

Many factors determine theshipping costs of your car. Factors like distance traveled types of service needed, destination taxes and duties, and the model and made of your car. Transporting your car over 1 –500 miles costs $1 per milebased on the type of car.

This means a250-mile trip would cost $250. As the distance increases, the price decreases. For instance, transporting a car 1000 miles drops the price to$.75 per mile or $750 in total. The cost of auto transport from coast to coast can be as reduced as $.40 per mile.

Other factors include the time taken for the ships to arrive at their destination and the number of traffic moving to and from that particular route.

Car shipping companies may offer a very nice shipping rate because of the level of return traffic from a certain country. The size of the car being transported is also a factor that determines the shipping cost.

A lower rate will be charged on a regular saloon car, unlike when shipping a long-wheel Land Rover.

What is the Cost of Shipping a Car Per Mile?

Below are typical routes with their costs for references:

Typical Route



Chicago-Kansas City

510 miles


Phoenix to Dallas

1,065 miles


Pittsburgh to Phoenix

2,062 miles


Seattle to Miami

3,298 miles


Best Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (15)

Average Car Shipping Companies Cost by Transport Method

Open TransportEnclosed TransportSaving

Average Car Shipping Cost by Distance

Typically, everyone should know that distance is another key determinant of car shipping price – the farther you go, the higher the cost based on the transport methods discussed above.

DistanceOpen TransportEnclosed TransportAverage Cost
150 miles$360$580$470
550 miles$570$920$740
1,000 miles$910$1,390$1,150
1,050 miles$730$1,200$960
2,750 miles$1,010$1,530$1,270

Best Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (16)

Pro Tip

If you are moving your car within a short distance, you may consider driving it yourself or hire someone to drive it with you. However, if it is long distance – say across the state or country, hiring a professional car shipping company is non-negotiable.

Average Car Shipping Cost by Vehicle Size/Type

The vehicle’s size/types also influence car shipping costs, together with whether you are shipping through an open or enclosed transport method.

There is a difference between a truck and a small car. This is because bigger vehicles consume more space on the shipping truck (either open or enclosed).

This is coupled with the fact that the weightier vehicles are difficult on the carrier’s gas mileage.

In light of the above, smaller cars like a Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Toyota Corolla, or Kia Sportage, cost cheaper to transport than heavy-duty trucks such as a Ram 1500, Ford F-150, or Chevrolet Silverado.

Average Cost to Ship a Vehicle on Open Transport

150 miles$390$360$330
550 miles$620$560$510
1,000 miles$1,020$890$820
1,050 miles$800$720$650
2,750 miles$1,120$1,010$910

Note: The cost may be higher when you transport through enclosed transport method.

Zoom Auto TransportUS Auto ShippinguShip Auto TransportSherpa Auto TransporteShipShip Your Car Now
Most competitive price offerBest for cross-country car shippingBest for comparing quotesExcellent for binding pricesBest insurance packageMost guarantee door-to-door delivery

Best Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (17)

Pro Tip

You can’t afford to lose your hard-earned money to a fraudulent car transporter; hence, it is suggested that you screen different car shipping companies before choosing one. Don’t request quotes and pick the lowest, check everything you need to check and ensure good quality as discussed in this post.

Factors That Determine Car Shipping Costs

You will be able to identify fraud when you first understand how costs are determined for car shipping, thereby enabling you to avoid future surprises.

Below are the factors that determine car shipping costs:

1. Distance

The first factor is miles even though they are not the major factor as most people believe. The reason behind this is because shorter distances also involve the same method in pick-up and drop-off by the transporter despite the difference in the time the carrier spends on the road.

This is exactly the reason long-distance vehicle shipping can come at a reduced cost per mile, exactly like a flight ticket that may cost more based on the distance it travels.

2. Open or Enclosed Carrier

That double-decker vehicle you see on every few miles on the country’s highways that are loaded with 7 – 10 cars on long-distance is called an open trailer. Trailers that only carry 3 – 4 cars are also perfect for shorter routes.

Enclosed transport trailers, on the other hand, are smaller in size and only have the capacity to contain 2 – 6 cars.

Because for a shipping company to transport a vehicle from one place to another and to receive payment for fewer vehicles even though the time is taken and miles are the same, enclosed car transport generally costs 40 – 60 percent above shipping the same number of vehicles on an open trailer.

3. The Type, Size & Modifications on your Car

There are maximum loads for safety on trailers. A truck, SUV, or any other heavier car uses most of the allowable weight load, and this implies that the number of cars the trailer could carry might be limited.

A vehicle with a longer length might also use up above one space on a transport trailer. This means that a shipping company moving a very heavy and long vehicle needs to join it with a lighter and shorter car in the trailer to complement and optimize the use of space in the transporting trailer.

Best Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (18)

4. Condition of Vehicle

There will need to improvise and spend additional time, effort and use of extra equipment for a vehicle that doesn’t run, otherwise known as inoperable.

You will be required to give extra incentives to the transport driver before he can agree to transport the vehicle that will require much effort to pull, push, jump-start or user experience to load it onto and unload it from the truck.

5. The Popularity of the Route

Picking up and dropping off cost more in remote areas compared to urban areas. This is because there are many carriers servicing the cities, and the presence of many major highways also makes the job easy for drivers.

There are typically more transport trucks moving from one point to another in urban areas just like there are many flights from New York to Los Angeles daily than from Reno to Atlanta. This is the reason why you will get a reduced price even in the city than in rural areas.

6. Season of Year

An increase in demand during peak seasons can cause an increase in prices in some areas since transport drivers also go on holiday. For instance, making reservations for the shipping of vehicles before Christmas, Thanksgiving, and many other major holidays can be difficult, and at the same time costlier.

7. Dates/Speed of Delivery

A normal door-to-door car delivery comes at a reduced cost compared to express car shipping. A carrier that offers express car shipping will give you the chance to choose the pick-up date, drop-off date, and exact interval of days between pickup and drop-off days.

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car?

The type of truck required for your vehicle type will determine the cheapest ways to ship it. An enclosed transport would probably be the best option for shipping a luxury car.

Although enclosed transport comes at a higher cost compared to open transport, it, however, protects your expensive car from the elements.

The cheapest way to transport a car is through open transport. This is due to the increased number of open transport on the road, and they can ship any vehicle.

Open shipping is your best option if you are shipping a car you drive every day. With that being said about trucks, let us now consider the methods.

Regardless of the reason behind your car shipping, whether for relocation or a new purchase from another state, there are different ways to ship your vehicle to a preferred destination.

There are many factors associated with shipping using the cheapest option, such as the season, the pick-up, and drop-off locations.

Consider the questions below when looking for an affordable way to transport your vehicle:

  • Do you prefer an open carrier or enclosed truck?
  • How soon do you need your car after your arrival?
  • Do you have time to source for shipping estimates from many shipping companies to get the quotes at once?

1. Door-to-Door

The normal shipping method in the car shipping industry today is door-to-door shipping on an open carrier truck and is also the best way to transport a vehicle for cheap in a standard way.

This option is recommended for those shipping a car they drive every day.

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Car shipping companies are properly insured as required by the federal government at a minimum of $750,000, with most of them increasing it to up to a million on their truck.

The cheapest way to safely and securely ship a car is through an open transport system, and this is confirmed.

2. Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping

terminal-to-terminal shipments remain the cheapest way regardless of how you view it. Although not recommended, this might be the best option for you if you are low on budget.

This option is slower and stressful compared to the door-to-door shipping option. The majority of cities today now have their terminals, making them secure for car shippers.

Regardless of this, your vehicle is at great risk as you would have to leave it at the terminal. Your vehicle would be out of your sight for a good number of days or weeks.

This option can also take a longer time than door-to-door shipping as most carriers don’t want to stop over at terminals. This can cause a delay in pick-up time for terminal shipments.

Other Tips for Shipping Car Cheaply

Shipping a car comes at a greater price based on the locations, time, and type of vehicle you are shipping. But there are some verified methods to help the process:

  • Request many shipping quotes to get the best rate
  • Go for open shipping instead
  • Send your shipment to a city or terminal and not a door-to-door shipment
  • Avoid shipping during peak season
  • Use a shipping platform by yourself to find a carrier
  • Ensure your car is operational

Why Should You Choose Car Shipping Companies?

There are different opinions regarding why you should choose car shipping companies as against driving your car by yourself.

While you can save money driving your car to its destination, you tend to spend time and expose yourself to all the associated road difficulties, and also, this can only be possible for a short distance.

Some people are of the opinion that driving their car is better than hiring a shipping company due to the upfront costs of professional transport services and they prefer to save much money.

There is no doubt you would save some cash, but there is a danger associated with driving the car by yourself.

There are also benefits of hiring auto transport services to handle both the short and long-distance movement of your car. Discussed below are the reasons you should consider car shipping company for transporting your vehicle:

1. Cost of Car Shipping:

The shipping cost of a vehicle might seem overpriced at first, but giving it a second thought, you will discover it is not always the case.

If you consider driving a vehicle for a moment; such as a cost of buying gas, servicing cost for roadworthiness, the need to lodge along the way, feeding during the process and other related emergency maintenance on the way.

Apart from all these costs, don’t forget you still need to take some time off work to carry out this assignment – this may be one or two days based on the distance you need to drive to your new destination.

Above all, after spending so much time and money, you may not be able to track your expenses and end up paying more compared to using a car shipping company.

2. Better Safety

Apart from the different costs incurred in long drives, it is not advisable to embark on such a mission in a view to move your car across the state or another side of the country. While long drives can be enjoyable for some people, they can as well be unsafe most times.

You can expose yourself as well as your car to problems such as poor road conditions, wildlife, unexpected breakdowns, reckless driving from other drivers on the road, inclement weather conditions, and criminal elements along the road.

Car shipping safe method of moving cars avoids all these dangers. Your vehicle will rather be transported than driving.

Depending on the truck method you choose, your vehicle will be protected from even foreign elements such as weather, dust, scratch, and much more.

When you are moving your car long distance or moving a new car, it is highly recommended to use the auto transport. Studies have shown that it is cheaper than any other method you may think.

3. Best for luxury car Protection

This is mostly in the case of expensive or luxury vehicles. If you want to maintain the value of your car, it is not advisable to drive it over long distances.

Considering the cost of the car and as well as what repair costs can be, you will agree with me that car shipping company is the only service that can protect the vehicle to avoid such.

Driving such a luxury car may subject the vehicle to damage that may be costly or difficult to repair. Luxury cars are not only to be transported by auto transport services but also to be shipped in an enclosed truck to offer maximum protection for the vehicle.

If you want to maintain the value of your luxury cars (especially as a car dealer who wants to resell such vehicles), it is recommended that you use an auto transport enclosed shipping system.

Best Car Shipping Companies of 2023: Car & Vehicle Transport (19)

4. Saves Time

Auto transport services can be commissioned to transport a car within the shortest period ever. If you have a short window to get a vehicle to its destination, auto shipping companies are the best answers for it.

There is no doubt it takes time to drive a car over a distance – based on the distance; you may need to take a break (which may take a day or more) to get proper rest before continuing the journey.

Also, if the car experiences breakdowns, flat tires, strange noise from engine on the road, which will make you spend time maintaining the vehicle, you tend to spend much time.

If there are traffic jams on the road, there is no way you can fly the car. These and many other unforeseen problems are capable of causing a delay on your way. This can as well be stressful and further delay you.

It is worth of mentioning, that you will be totally occupied, as you cannot do any other thing while driving. You won’t be able to go about your daily activities; you won’t be able to catch up with chats, and emails, or have time for your family during this period you are on the wheel.

You can save time by transporting your car by hiring auto transport services. It only takes them a pickup and delivery window (between 1 – 5 days, starting from schedule date) to get your car to its destination. You tend to enjoy safety and time.

Top Qualities of a Good Car Shipping Company

Choosing the right shipping company is vital to enjoying a stress-free car shipping experience. There is no crime in carrying out a background check on any company you want to entrust the shipping of your vehicle to.

Remember they will be in charge of your vehicle, taking care of it during the voyage, and handle it for the main time till final destination.

Choosing a reliable auto transporter is nonnegotiable. Some consumers do commit blunder of choosing the service with the lowest quote, and they do regret at the end.

Neglecting other essential qualities of a good auto transporter and focusing on price alone is extremely dangerous on your part.

There have been many cases where consumers and transporter engage in serious embattle over the failure of the companies to deliver as promised.

A reputable company does protect the name they built a long time ago and ensure they deliver to the consumer’s satisfaction.

Shipping car across state or country by an auto transporter means that you trust them to do the work; hence, you need to choose right. Below are the qualities of a good car shipping company:

1. Relevant Licenses

This is one of the qualities you must look into in a trustworthy car transporter. A reliable auto shipper should be licensed and insured.

Does the company have a license to operate internationally? If a company is to ship abroad, it is expected that the transporter is licensed by theFederal Maritime Commission(FMC).

This is the United States agency that regulates and keeps track of the ocean-borne international transportation and regulates the activities and services of the international shipping companies.

If a company does not have an FMC license, there is a tendency that they won’t be able to handle most needed international documents such as customs clearance and as well issue a House Bill of Lading (HBL).

Another license worthy of checking about your prospective car shipping company isBetter Business Bureau(BBB).

A company must strictly adhere to business ethics as standardized. Also, ensure you check the profile of the company on theFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA) platform. From here, you will know the company’s level of safety to handle such service.

2. Years of Experience

When it comes to shipping cars, experience matters a lot. Check the company’s years of business operation to know if they can handle your kind of car transport.

The company’s years of experience entails that they would have shipped many cars, have numerous customers and referrals to confirm their abilities in transporting vehicles without issues.

Years of business operation within the range of 5 – 30 years is advisable with other considerations.

3. Available Range of Shipping Services

A reputable shipping company should offer a wide range of services. If a transporter limits his shipping method to a particular type and he is not ready to adjust to your customized shipping need, you should look another way.

For example, some ports cannot handle RoRo shipping; hence, the company should be able to offer container shipping service as an alternative. Companies that had been in business for a long time should be experienced in providing a wide range of services.

4. Transparency in Service

Before you consider a car shipping company, ensure you go through their website to learn more about them.

Honesty and transparency of the company play a significant role in deciding who to give the job to.

A company that has been in operation over a reasonable number of years is expected to have a well-optimized platform where consumers can visit and read about their services – what they offer, how they promised to deliver such, and much more.

There is no hidden secret in business especially a service that requires one entrusting his or her valuable item to a service provider.

A reliable company will provide all the relevant information about their operations, share informative contents that are beneficial to customers, and show that they understand how the business is run professionally. When browsing the company’s website, ask the following questions:

Does it have a straightforward request for a quote?

Does it have an uncomplicated call to action?

Does the platform have a blog section where contents are shared for more information on their services?

Do they come straight about their shipping rates?

How easy to surf the website from all devices?

These and many other questions should be answered before making your decision.

5. Be a Partner to Reputable Licensed Motor Carriers

Some services require that transporters partner with other licensed motor carriers to complete the delivery. Some countries don’t allow foreigners to provide certain services. In such a situation, a partner may be needed to ensure the car shipping company satisfies its customer.

Most reputable companies do partner withFMCSA-licensed motor carrierstotransport cars internationallyand make sure things are perfected as expected.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Shipping

How long does car shipping take?

Be ready for one to ten days for pick-up and another one to ten days for the car’s domestic shipping. It takes more time to ship vehicles internationally. You have to consider factors like heavy traffic, harsh weather, rural pick-up or drop-off locations, and poor road conditions that elongate the shipping process. Generally, expect your driver to travel at a distance of 500 miles daily.

What influences the cost of a car shipping?

Prices for auto shipping are between $500 and $1,500. The cost of shipping a car is affected by multiple factors. If you need a way to reduce your costs, think of speeding up every part of your auto shipping.

Below are the factors that determine your car shipping cost:

Delivery and pick-up dates: Your flexibility with your pick-up and drop-off dates will affect your pay. Express shipping is expensive than normal shipping, so carefully choose your cost-saving option.

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The size and condition of the car: Shipping of small size, lighter vehicles are less expensive than larger vehicles. Shipping a faulty vehicle costs more than a vehicle in perfect condition.

Trip distance: You already know that the farther you ship your vehicle, the expensive it gets.
Drop-off and pick-up locations: Shipping to urban areas is easier and cheaper, while expensive in remote and rural locations. Shipping internationally even cost more.
Open or enclosed shipping: The enclosed shipping option that offers protection for your vehicle from weather issues and road obstacles is more expensive.

Time of year: The auto shipping industry also experiences seasonality. The peak season in the industry is summer due to the hike in people’s moving demands before the start of another school year. Your shipping payment during summer will be more than in winter.

What are the popular auto transport routes in the US?

You can find some of the most popular auto shipping routes in the country in Texas, Florida, New York, and California. Auto-shipping services to and from these places are usually less expensive because these routes are plied by many vehicles. You may sometimes be charged higher prices for choosing snowbird routes.

Is auto insurance necessary before I ship my car?

It is technically not needed. The law requires carriers to offer insurance for the damage caused during shipping. However, having auto insurance is a brilliant idea, so be sure to check what damage is covered by your provider.

Can I be allowed to ship a motorcycle?

Yes, shipping a motorcycle is allowed and easy to do with an auto shipping service with much experience in shipping motorcycles. There are certain factors to consider when shipping a motorcycle compared to transporting a car, so be sure to understand the in-depth of the entire process to get the best motorcycle shipping company for you.

What are the things to know about shipping a car from one state to another state?

There are certain things to note during interstate car shipping. First, remember to update your license and registration before you relocate to another state. Making sure the auto transporter has enough insurance is a wise move, especially if you are sending your vehicle across the country.

Lastly, make sure the shipping company you want to hire for your car shipping has an MC number from the FMCSA. This is required of all vehicle shippers for them to provide interstate transport service. MC docket number of each company can mostly be found on their websites.

Is shipping by train cheaper than by truck?

Although auto transport by train is usually cheaper than shipping through moving trucks, it is not always available everywhere, and it takes a lot of planning.

Car shipping delivery can take almost two weeks based on the mileage from your pick-up and delivery locations.

Things like a door to door shipping and express delivery are practically not available. We suggest you ship your vehicle by truck if this is your first try at car shipping. Read how to ship car by train.

What should I do to ship my car quickly?

Contact car transport services and ask for expedited shipping. They will quickly pick up and deliver your car. Just know that expedited transport costs more.

Does moving companies ship cars?

Most popular movers in the country also offer vehicle shipping services. Shipping your car with a moving company that also offers auto transport service will cost you more because of the weight-based charges by movers.

Some moving companies also partner with auto shipping services to provide customized pricing. Contact your moving company to discover their services for car shipping or any partnership with an auto transporter.

How early in advance should I plan to ship my car?

You want to make sure you give yourself enough time to pick the right company and get the best deal. While some companies have options for expedited shipping at increased rates, you will generally want to schedule a shipment at least a week or two ahead of time.

By planning ahead, you also give yourself time to compare rates and find the best options. If you are forced to rush and pick a car shipping company with poor reviews, you may get sub-par service or results. At the same time, seasonal rates can change, so planning too far out may not be entirely possible.

How long will the delivery take?

Delivery will depend on the pickup location and the delivery destination. Most major cities and metropolitan areas can expect delivery in under a week, typically 3-4 days. For more uncommon areas or destinations over 2,000 miles, you should expect delivery to take roughly 5-8 days.

Some extreme coast to coast trips may take a little longer, and weather can also affect transport time. It can also take a little bit for pickup to occur, and you may need to factor that into your scheduling.

How much do you tip the driver that transports your car?

You are in total control of how much you tip a transport driver. No amount of tip you give to your transport driver is too small or big. Below are the things we believe are worthy of tipping:

  • The driver displays politeness and professionalism.
  • The driver delivers your car earlier than expected.
  • The driver keeps open communication with you.
  • The driver delivers your vehicle with no added damage to its initial condition.

Can I ship things inside my car?

No, you are not allowed to stow large items inside your car in order to ship them across the country. These rules are in place for a few reasons, including anti-smuggling enforcement and general safety—everything must fit below the window and weigh less than 100 lbs.

These are not rules put in place by the shipping company, but they are forced to enforce them strictly. U.S. Law says a carrier can be fined up to $10,000 for taking along your general items inside of the car.

How do I get my car ready for shipping?

To get your car ready, you will want to remove any of the loose items inside of it. This is to prevent things from banging around and damaging your vehicle or the operators. You may want about a quarter tank of gas in the car and be ready to hand the keys over and explain any certain peculiarities (like brake issues).

While rare, leaving valuables visible within the vehicle can be a risk. When a car is shipped across country, the driver must make a stop or two. You never want to tempt fate by making your vehicle a tempting option for theft.

Does the size of my vehicle matter?

Yes, the shipping weight of your vehicle will affect the overall price. The heavier the car, the more the fuel costs will be for the shipping company, so the more they will be forced to charge. You should consider that a full gas tank can add a considerable number of pounds to the overall weight.

We touched on personal items earlier, and while companies are technically not supposed to ship any household items, they generally allow for around 100lbs of additional storage weight, so there is a little bit of wiggle room.

Can I transport a vehicle that is not operable?

If the carrier judges the mechanical operation of your vehicle to be unsafe, then they will not typically move it. A lot of this will depend on the vehicle’s condition. If your vehicle cans still roll, steer, and brake then you should be able to find a car hauler capable of shipping it.

Often the same companies that specialize in hauling inoperable vehicles will be less suited to other specialized tasks (like hauling luxury cars) and vice-versa. Make sure you find the right car shipping company for your needs.


Entrusting your car to a car shipping company to transport your car means they are reliable and have been shown to be professional in delivering the service. We have discussed all you need to know about choosing the best car shipping company for your vehicle haulage.

Ensure you look before you leap so you would not get into car shipping scam. Stay tuned for informative posts from this page!

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