Best Cable Alternatives in Canada in 2022 - Top 11 Options (2022)

US cord-cutting options may get the most attention these days, but there are a growing number of cheap cable alternatives in Canada. Up until recently, Canada’s TV fans were restricted to on-demand streaming services, but 2022 brings with it exciting options like Stack TV and RiverTV, Canada’s first multichannel live TV streaming service. And recently, fuboTV acquired exclusive premier league rights in Canada, adding another exciting new cable alternative to the mix for sports fans.

fuboTV has been a competitive cable alternative for U.S. sports fans, and recently, it announced that it acquired the exclusive rights to broadcast The Premier League in the Canada market for three seasons, starting in 2022/2023. While it’s not a complete cable alternative, we expect to see fuboTV expand their Canada plan soon. As of now, here are the highlights.

Both plans include the same channels, DVR services, and simultaneous streams. Basically, you just get a discount if you buy for a whole year instead of paying quarterly.

As of writing, there are currently 14 channels offered on fuboTV Canada. Check this page for updates to the list.

The channels offered as of now are: beIN Sports (and beIN Sports en Español), beIN Sports Canada, BenficaTV, CBC, CuriosityStream (On Demand only), Fight Network, fubo Movie Network Canada, fubo Sports Network, Game+, ICI Radio-Canada Tele, Law & Crime, MLB Network, OneSoccer, and Paramount Network.

With fuboTV, you can stream on pretty much any device including web browsers, iOS and Android, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast, along with a few others. Learn morehere.

fuboTV offers Family Share, which allows you to stream on three devices at a time. You can add an Unlimited Screens add-on for a fee that allows you to stream on up to 10 devices on your home network, plus two outside of the home. Learn morehere.

Stack TV is a great option for getting live TV without the hefty cable bill. If you are one of 2 million Canadian households with Amazon Prime you can add Stack TV for only $12.99 a month. Better yet, you can try before you buy with a generous 30-day trial. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can get a 30-day free trial for that as well.

Global, Food Network Canada, HGTV Canada, Slice, HISTORY, W Network, Adult Swim, Showcase, National Geographic, Teletoon, Treehouse, and YTV are some of the great live TV channels available to Stack TV subscribers.

We’ve been following the worldwide cable-TV alternatives market for years. We’ve seen exciting changes in the market in the US, but the lack of multichannel live TV streaming service in Canada was particularly concerning. The traditional pay-TV stranglehold in Canada is finally starting to break with the 2020 introduction of RiverTV.

RiverTV Pricing and Packages

RiverTV offers lightweight pricing compared to traditional cable and satellite TV options in Canada. You’ll get 43+ live and on-demand channels for just $16.99 per month. You can also choose between several add-on channels, including a $3.99 per month add-on package that includes movies from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

The best part about RiverTV may the lack of postal code restrictions. You can sign up for and watch RiverTV anywhere in Canada.

RiverTV Channels

This channel package comes with some of the most popular cable TV channels available today. Access entertainment channels such as Lifetime, HGTV, National Geographic, History Channel, and Adult Swim, movie channels such as Rewind and Silver Screen, and a wide selection of news networks, including Euronews and Newsy.

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RiverTV is currently the only service in Canada offering where you can find several US-based TV networks. Cheddar, Law & Crime, Newsmax TV, Newsy, Journey, Real Vision, Drink TV and Revolt are all available in Canada only through RiverTV.

RiverTV Supported Devices

Although the service launched recently, the company put in some work behind the scenes to ensure users could access the service on a large number of devices. This service works on iOS devices (Android support coming soon), Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and several smart TV brands.

The full list of supported devices includes:

  • TV streaming media players: Apple TV, Android TV (such as the Nvidia Shield) Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast (coming soon)
  • Smart TVs: Android TV (Sony, LG, Philips), Roku (Sharp, TCL, Hisense, JVC), Fire TV Edition (Toshiba, Insignia)
  • Game consoles: None
  • Mobile devices and tablets: iOS and iPadOS, Android (coming soon)
  • Desktop browsers: Mac and PC browsers (coming soon)

RiverTV Simultaneous Streams

This service offers up to 3 simultaneous device streams at once. That’s equivalent to what most US-based over-the-top services also offer.


There is currently no cloud DVR option available through RiverTV. However, the service offers a large on-demand library with content available from almost every channel in the package.

RiverTV On-Demand Library

There are currently thousands of hours of on-demand video available through RiverTV. Several channels in the package are on-demand only. Others offers a wide selection of current and previously-aired content, including TV show episodes and movies.

RiverTV has two features that add to the on-demand benefit: ‘Look Back’ TV and ‘Pause & Restart’ TV.

With ‘Look Back’ TV, you can watch live TV content on-demand within 48-72 hours after it aired. Availability depends on the channel, although ‘Look Back’ TV is offered for most channels. For a select number of channels, ‘Look Back’ TV content is available up to 7 days afterward.

The ‘Pause & Restart’ TV feature allows you to pause live TV programming on select channels and restart where you left off.

Free Cable Alternatives in Canada

If you’re into saving as much money as possible, utilizing free options might be right up your alley. Unfortunately, good free options in Canada (as with elsewhere) are somewhat few and far between. We did locate one free option that you can view in Canada.


Best Cable Alternatives in Canada in 2022 - Top 11 Options (1)

Crackleis a Sony-owned online streaming website with a small library for TV shows and movies. Adweek called Crackle’s content library “mediocre” in 2010, but we found that times have changed. Although the service still has under 1,000 TV shows and movies available, it includes highly-rated content, all for free.Sony supports the service through ads inserted into all of the available content as well as some on-page ads.

You’ll find hit shows like 1990s sitcom Seinfeldavailable through this service, as well as top-rated movies like Stephen King’s It(the original, not the remake). Sony has a large list of partnerships with other content makers, including Disney, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, and anime company TOEI. These partnerships allow the service to offer more than just Sony-branded content.

Even though the service is free, you can find new, original content as well. As a free service, Crackle doesn’t have a large budget to produce original content at the same level as Netflix’s Stranger Thingsor Amazon Prime’s Man in the High Castle. Nevertheless, the fact that you can watch quality programming for free these days is pretty amazing in and of itself.

Crackle makes finding that content easy. A simple-to-use interface has a section for TV programs and one for Movies. Those are further broken up with filtering by genre or format (full episodes, full movies, clips, previews, etc.). You can also perform a basic search at the top of any page in case there’s something specific you’re looking for.

Many services force you to register for their free content, but not Crackle. You can go to the site and watch. Crackle will give you several bonus features, though, if you do register:

  • Recommendations
  • Favorites
  • Pause and resume content across different devices
  • Premiere alerts.

Crackle is available as an app on almost any device you might have, including Roku, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, and most smart TVs.

Tubi TV

Best Cable Alternatives in Canada in 2022 - Top 11 Options (2)

If you like Crackle, you’ll love Tubi TV. This streaming service follows a similar format to Crackle but offers a far larger library of content. The only difference is that most of Tubi TV’s library is B-level TV shows and movies. That said, the content library has over 300 titles that are rated “Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes, making it a great source of both old and new(ish) content that you’ll definitely want to see.

Paid (But Still Cheap) Cable Alternatives

If you’re willing to pay a bit of money for a cable alternative, there are some healthy options for you. While Canada has been slow to get the plethora of streaming options available south of the border, there are still a number of great streaming services offering their content to Canadians.

Amazon Prime Video

Best Cable Alternatives in Canada in 2022 - Top 11 Options (3)

If you’re thinking of getting an Amazon Prime account, you’ll be happy to know that the service includes Prime Video without any additional cost. For $79.00 CAD a year (about $6.50 per month), you’ll get thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows. The price also makes Amazon Prime one of the cheapest streaming services available for Canadian customers.

Amazon has also been spending big to keep up with Netflix. You’ll find a large library of Amazon exclusives, including the award-winning series The Boys and Man in the High Castle. Beyond this, Amazon has a large number of hit movies available through Prime, and an even larger library of streaming content that you can purchase or rent.

Everything on Prime Video is high quality and streams in high definition. Prime Video in recent years has been catching up with Netflix in the amount of hit TV show content that lands on its service.

Prime Video took a while to get its own apps out, but you can now watch Prime Video on almost any device. Prime Video apps are available for iOS, Android, Roku, many smart TVs, and of course, Amazon Fire devices.


Best Cable Alternatives in Canada in 2022 - Top 11 Options (4)

Tablo is a digital video recorder that records and streams live, over-the-air channels to any device on your network. Tablo TV works by connecting the company’s device to your internet and an OTA antenna that can pick up broadcast signals. The Tablo device can then record those streams to its device, or allow you to watch those streams on almost any device that has an internet connection and the company’s app installed.

The benefit of this device is that you can access the app and content anywhere. This makes Tablo far more useful than many other OTA devices, freeing you up to watch your free content on multiple TVs without having to pay for separate DVRs or separate digital antennas.

According to Tablo, to make their system work you’ll need:

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It’s important to note that OTA content is limited. You won’t have access to the hit shows and movies that you might have through different cable-only subscriptions. However, OTA options are not only beaming in high quality, but the options are also increasing. We covered the growth broadcast channelslast year, finding that there has been a notable resurgence in OTA optionsacross the board.

Tablo will set you back around $130for a one-time purchase of the hardware, after which everything else–including the app–is free. You can combine Tablo with free options like Crackle to enjoy both hit movies and TV shows for a lower cost than even half a year of a cable subscription.

The Tablo app is available for Android, iOS, Roku, LG Smart TVs, Nvidia Shield, Amazon Fire TV and more.


Best Cable Alternatives in Canada in 2022 - Top 11 Options (5)

Netflix is an obvious and unavoidable addition to this list. Simply put, Netflix is completely owning the market for cable alternatives, including in Canada. Netflix is not only available in Canada at a low cost, Canadians actually get to enjoy many of the hit movies firstbefore they hit the American Netflix library.

The Canadian Netflix library is also one of the largest in the world, with over 3,000 titles. This makes signing up for a Netflix account is all the more attractive for Canadian users.

Given its popularity, there’s little we can say about Netflix that most users don’t know, beyond this one tidbit: Netflix prices are slowly creeping higher. Prices have nearly doubled in the last handful of years, reaching an all-time high of $16.49 CAD/month in 2022.

If you’re feeling a bit spurned, don’t worry. Netflix is also raising prices for U.S. customersand in other regions worldwide. However, all of these price increases will help pay for the company’s increasingly popular and award-winning premium contentas well as original Canadian content.

With it’s vastly increasing library of must-watch shows like Stranger Things, a Netflix subscription is quickly becoming a necessity for those that don’t want to miss out.

Users will find Netflix available on almost every type of device, including smart TVs, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, and most iOS and Android devices.


Best Cable Alternatives in Canada in 2022 - Top 11 Options (6)

Canada’s alternative to Netflix, CraveTV, used to be a steal for just $7.99/month, but prices have risen here, too. The mobile plan clocks in at $9.99/month, but doesn’t allow for casting and you can only watch on mobile or web. The regular plan that you can watch on all devices costs $19.99/month, making it more expensive than Netflix.

This streaming service also offers high-quality programming that is difficult to locate inexpensively elsewhere in Canada, including the hit show Designated Survivorand the Hulu exclusive The Handmaid’s Tale.

Simply put, CraveTV lands exclusive programs that Netflix doesn’t offer, and that are only available through many US-only TV services. Importantly, CraveTV has deals to offer content from many top providers, like HBO and Showtime. Even HBO’s Game of Thronesis available through CraveTV.

One of the key benefits to CraveTV is that the service allows you to browse their content before you buy. CraveTV has a menu available on its site that makes browsing the content library easy, even without the subscription. This should help you make a better, more informed decision regarding whether CraveTV is the right service for you.

CraveTV is only available in Canada. You can watch using most iOS and Android devices, as well as through Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox One, some Samsung Smart TVs, and on your computer through your web browser.

Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access)

Best Cable Alternatives in Canada in 2022 - Top 11 Options (7)

CBS All Access launched in the US and then expanded its service to Canada in 2018.

All Access currently costs $5.99 CAD, or a commercial-free subscription for $9.99. At this rate, CBS All Access offers a valuable alternative to CraveTV and Netflix.

However, the bigger question for CBS All Access is whether the service can hold its own against Netflix in Canada. Much of that depends on what the service plans to offer when it hits Canadian shores. At present, CBS All Access has over 9,000 on-demand episodes of various TV shows, mostly from its own branded content. Even among that content, it appears that some of the company’s own content is missing, often because it’s licensed out to other services–including CBS All Access competitor Netflix.

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And for Canadians, the biggest draw for this service would be access to the new Star Trek Discovery. However, CraveTV is currently licensed to show Star Trek Discoveryin Canada, making the value of CBS All Access far less.

Still, CBS All Access does have shows you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, including new episodes of The Big Bang Theoryand NCIS. Additionally, you’ll be able to watch live TV and sports streaming through this service, although what that will look like in Canada has yet to be seen.

CBS All Access will be a very viable option for anyone in Canada looking to cut high cable subscription costs. Users can expect it to be available on most devices, including iOS, Android and mostly likely Amazon Fire TV.

Sports-only Streaming Services

One thing you may miss after cutting the cord in Canada is live sports. To fill in the gap, you may need to utilize a live TV streaming service. We already covered fuboTV Canada, which is shaping up to be a great alternative. There are two great additional options for cord-cutters in Canada: DAZN and Sportsnet Now.

Sportsnet Now

Best Cable Alternatives in Canada in 2022 - Top 11 Options (8)

A product from Rogers, Sportsnet Now (SNNow) offers easy live streaming starting at $14.99 a month. At this rate, subscribers will be able to stream the NHL, MLB, NBA and more. Regional blackouts will apply. You can save on that rate if you choose to be billed annually at $149.99/year instead.

The Premium package offers streaming for the NHL, NBA, MLB, WWE, Bundesliga, IndyCar and more. Some regional blackouts apply, but they’re more limited on this plan, which costs $34.99/month or $249.99 annually.

Sportsnet Now boasts a variety of features with its streaming service. Subscribers in both plans can enjoy HD streaming, split-screen viewing, 24-hour “look-backs” for missed games, and on-demand streaming of Sportsnet programming.

Unfortunately, Sportsnet Now is somewhat limited for those that want more U.S. sports content. MLB games are limited, and Sportsnet has no contract for NFL games. Those who want access to NFL games will need to check out DAZN instead.

The Sportsnet Now app is available on a large number of devices, including iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Playstation 4 and 5, and Xbox One.


Best Cable Alternatives in Canada in 2022 - Top 11 Options (9)

One of the newest sports streaming services around, DAZN (pronounced “Da Zone”) is only offered in a small handful of countries–including Canada. As of July 2017, Canadians can now enjoy everything this service has to offer, including NFL, MLB, NHL, motor sports, tennis, soccer, WWE, and more.

DAZN started in Germany and has slowly branched outward. Given the service is still somewhat new, there are a number of complaints. These typically include dropped streams and overall poor quality. According to some users interviewed by the CBC, DAZN has been ruining their sports viewing due to these issues.

DAZN is slightly cheaper than Sportsnet Now, coming in at $19.99 per month or $99.99 if you pay annually instead. Until the company gets its issues worked out, however, you may want to wait a few more months before picking this one up.

58% off with annual plan.

Best Cable Alternatives in Canada in 2022 - Top 11 Options (10)Subscribe Now

Should you decide to grab up a DAZN subscription, you can watch through multiple devices, including Android, iOS, several smart TV brands, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV.

Find More Information Through Forums

Looking for more information on cord cutting in Canada? You’ll find various websites and forums set up by Canadians, for Canadians. One of the best and more active out there is the Reddit forum /r/CanadaCordCutters. Here you’ll find news reports and discussions on different streaming services available in Canada. That includes some of the more niche sports streaming options like DAZN and Sportsnet Now.

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Do cheap cable alternatives in Canada exist? You bet! The options may be fewer than in other regions, but Canada is one of the fastest-growing areas for streaming services.

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What is the best cable provider in Canada? ›

The best internet providers across Canada include Telus, Sasktel, Bell, Videotron and Eastlink, though your choices depend on where you live. Nationwide third-party resellers like Teksavvy open options for half the price that you may want to consider.

What channels can I get without cable in Canada? ›

How to Watch TV Without Cable in Canada
  • CBC Gem. CBC Gem is a streaming platform from Canada's primary public broadcaster, CBC Television. ...
  • CTV. ...
  • The National Film Board of Canada. ...
  • Family Channel. ...
  • YouTube. ...
  • Tubi.

What will replace cable TV in the future? ›

Use a streaming device: smart TV, game console, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast or Apple TV. You won't need that cable box anymore, but you will need some kind of streaming device to watch services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max.

What is the best alternative to cable TV in Canada? ›

The 7 Best Alternatives to Cable TV in Canada
  • RiverTV. RiverTV Prices and Packaging. RiverTV Channels. RiverTV Supported Devices. RiverTV On-Demand.
  • Crackle.
  • Tablo TV.
  • Amazon Prime Video.
  • Netflix.
  • CraveTV.
  • Paramount Plus.
5 Jul 2022

Who has the best TV and internet in Canada? ›

The “Best” TV and internet bundling package offered by Bell Communications, also known as Gigabit Fibe, is similar to the Better package. But the TV package offers 4K clarity programming. And the internet downloading speed is 1 Gbs while the upload speed is 750 Mbps. It costsC$179.90 monthly.


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